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Published since 1960, Golf Magazine is packed with how-to instruction, features, tournament coverage, reviews of new equipment, articles on travel and interviews with the pros. Every month, the magazine shares insider advice from the pros on the best golf clubs to use, the best golf gear to buy, and the best golf courses to play. In addition to interesting cover stories and features, 

Content is divided into the following sections: "Front 9," a round-up of golf etiquette, rules, and instruction; "Your Game," solutions to golfers' common complaints about their game; "The Shop," recommendations on everything from clubs to gear; "Best Trips," the best places to see golf's most breathtaking courses; and "Private Lessons," personalized golf instruction based on skill level and experience. Regular columns in every issue include: "The Rules Guy," a column examining the rules of the game; "Stats 'N' Stuff," interesting stats, quotes, and more about golf, tournaments, and the golfing lifestyle; "Swing Sequence," an instructional swing-by-swing look at a professional golfer's moves and the key takeaways; and "Teeing Off," a collection of the month's most beautiful shots. 

Throughout the year, the magazine publishes several special issues dedicated to major tournament previews, as well as others that may be related to golf instruction or gear. Every December the magazine recognizes one golfer in its "Player of the Year" issue.