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Each of Golfweek's 11 annual issues delivers award-winning writing, expert commentary, and timely comprehensive coverage of all things golf. 

Some of the magazine's regular features and sections include: "The Forecaddie," the must-read inside scoop on golf's players, trends, and companies; "Toy Box," the latest reports and insights on the newest products to hit the market; "In the News," in-depth information on the game's biggest stories and hottest headlines; "Voices," opinions, rants, raves, and more from Golfweek staff writers and readers; "Complete Coverage and Scoreboard," golf's most complete and consistent reporting and scores at every competitive level, both locally and across the globe; "For Your Game," valuable practice and instruction tips from top players and their coaches; "The Golf Life," the latest on living the golf lifestyle, complete with details on travel, real estate, fashion, and must-have personal indulgences; and "The 19th Hole," golf's only weekly opinion column, featuring independent analysis straight from Golfweek's expert staff. During the year, the magazine may publish several special issues, such as the "Season Preview," the "Best Courses Issue," the "Junior Issue," the "Amateur Issue," the "Courses You Can Play Issue," the "College Preview," and the "Ultimate Guide." 

Additional issues are devoted to covering some of golf's major tournaments, including the Masters, the U.S. Open, the Ryder Cup, and many more.